Microwave oven :- We all know that this invention added another feather in the cap and today it is being used by a broad group. Due to its ability to carry energy in large quantities, it has changed some of our traditional kitchen items. Makes it; Makes it; Makes it; It is boil and does a lot of other jobs for which it requires great care.

We are a skilled person in Just Repair Services to help our oven with its culinary chamber, or turntable (metal fan), power converter (transformer) etc. Each part has its own unique work and needs to give proper attention to it. We also deal in the repair of the oven in the NCR.


Types of ovens:

(A) Traditional Oven

Traditional ovens work on electric elements for cooking or gas burners. In this type of oven, the heat spreads upwards and dumps the cold air, which is to cook or cook unevenly. However, this type of oven is very common and usually is inbuilt in the kitchen or comes as part of the kitchen category.

(B) convection oven

The convection oven makes food a bit different. There is a fan on the back that emphasizes the circulation of air throughout the oven, cooking more equally. It also results in quick results and low power consumption.

(C) Microwave Oven

These are 'ovens' which most of you probably are of themselves. They are most used for heating and defrosting and use radio waves for it.

(D) Microwave convection oven

These are now anger! Its a microwave oven in which there is a convection oven option, which means when you close the knob, your microwave turns into normal oven (convection type).

(E) Oven Toaster Grill (OTG) Oven

They use old-fashioned filament coils for hot and cooking (many like a geezer). Baking in them does not work best as the other oven

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